War Chest Board Game

Graphic design and art direction for AEG's War Chest, including box, token, card, and rules layouts.

The Franklin Institute Projects

Various environmental, exhibit, and print projects designed for The Franklin Institute Science Museum.

Dom Streater Brand Identity

Full branding package & print materials for fashion designer and two-time champion of Project Runway.

Mindful Elephant Yoga Brand Identity

Original logo, signage, business card, stationery and merchandise designs for Philadelphia yoga studio.

Celebrated Lady Brand Identity

Full branding package for a hand-crafted jewelry line, including business cards, stationery & web graphics.

Tierview Real Estate Logo System

Logo system with 8 custom hand-drawn typographic marks based on the personality of each property.

Dungeon Hustle Board Game

Graphic design and illustration for Wizkid's dungeon-themed card game.

Philadelphia Science Festival Beer Labels

Label designs for four consecutive years of the annual Science Festival beer brewed by Yards Brewery.

The Plot Thickens Card Game

Graphic design and game design for 3 different themed editions of storytelling card game, The Plot Thickens.

Various Board Game Projects

Board game graphic design projects for a number of different game systems and companies.

Galactic Enterprises Card Game

Graphic design of all components for this Star Trek auctioning card game from Wizkids.

Favelas Board Game

Graphic design for Wizkids' tile-laying game Favelas, including custom typography.

Science Festival Signage & Print Materials

Print & Signage materials for the annual Philadelphia Science Festival, including banners & event program.

Art Cafe & Bar Brand Identity

Flexible logo design for unique bar, event, and art space in Brooklyn, NY with various applications.

Various Logos

Several logos from various branding projects, for small businesses and creative entrepreneurs.

Hi, I'm Brigette! I'm a graphic designer
specializing in board game graphic design & logo/identity design.



Hi, I'm Brigette

Whether you're looking for a high-quality graphic look for your board game or a sophisticated logo for your business, I've got you covered. I also have experience in tabletop game development, prototype playtesting, and design direction.


My design process is simple:
1) Ask questions. 2) Brainstorm ideas. 3) Collaborate & iterate. 4) Deliver results. We'll collaborate on rounds of revisions until I deliver a final product that serves your project and its goals most effectively.


When I'm not graphic designing, you can find me hosting board game nights, hiking in the park, watching episodes of Star Trek, or talking to strangers on the trolley. I also love teal and outer space, if you haven't noticed.


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