Tierview Capital Properties Logos

This system of logo designs for Tierview's collection of rental properties was developed to capture the unique personality of each location, while still feeling like a set.



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Brigette Indelicato
graphic designer & creative director


Hello, I'm Brigette Indelicato!

I'm a full-time graphic designer and creative director. I help your work look its best through high quality, considered graphic design and creative problem solving.

I strive to make the design process as easy and enjoyable as possible: that means sticking to deadlines, communicating consistently, and putting in the research to fully understand the creative problems we're solving together. Want to hear more about my process and pricing? Email me today and let's chat!

SPECIALTIES: board game graphic design, logo & identity design, custom typography, exhibit design, print production, project management, boundless optimism

When I'm not graphic designing, you can find me hosting board game nights, hiking in the park, watching Star Trek, or snuggling with my two orange cats. I love the color teal, outer space, and getting to know new people.


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